We are in the preliminary stages of rescheduling our Expo for October 10/11, 2020.

As a major goal of our rescheduled (outdoor) event, we are adopting the them of enhancing Hawai’i Island’s food security and Community strength. We shall also be modeling new strategies and tactics necessary to hold public events during the pandemic.

Save the Dates: May 9th and 10th, 2020

Saturday, May 9th: Gourmet Local Foods Dinner and Entertainment fundraiser
From 2pm to 6pm

Sunday, May 10th: Gala Mother’s Day themed Kona Coffee and Small Farms Expo
From 10am to 4pm

New, cooler, more spacious location at the Honaunau Rodeo Grounds and Pavilion.

2020 Kona Coffee and Small Farms EXPO

We are excited about expanding the scope of this year’s Expo to include networking and providing resources that address the concerns of all Small Farmers here in Kona.

At this new location we will schedule multiple events including tabling in the pavilion, space for a large number of vendor/presenter tents, food vendors and speakers and affinity group conversations in the pavilion and the bleacher space. We are also booking continuous entertainment on a solar powered stage along with inviting appearances from some of the folks running for office this year.

Please help us out. Volunteer to help us plan Expo and/or help out on the day of the Dinner and/or Expo. We are actively soliciting sponsors, vendors and presenters for Expo right now. If you have any ideas for subject areas or people or organizations you’re involved with or who you think we should include, please pass the information on to our coordinator Ally Brown at 808-796-1340 or Aesha Shapiro at 808-443-3884 or email kcfaexpocoordinator@gmail.com

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Sponsored By

Kona Coffee Farmers Association………………………………Hawai’i Dept. of Agriculture

Expo Venue Video

Honaunau Rodeo Ground and Pavilion